Victoria Road School

A caring community where learners rise to the challenge

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Head teacher - Mr I Postlethwaite

Deputy Head teacher - Mrs C Campbell

Year 6 - Mrs J Strand

Year 5/6 - Mr S Palmer

Year 5 - Mrs L Lockyer

Year 4 - Miss A Clark

Year 3 - Mrs F Shimmin

Year 2/3 - Mrs J Howard

Year 2 - Mrs L Hickey

Year 1 - Mrs May (Mrs Pulman)

Year R/1 - Miss S Mylchreest

Year R - Mrs Z Kelly

PPA - Mrs C Saxon

Mrs C Quirk - SESO

Mrs H Drewett - SESO

Mrs J Batchelor - SESO

Mr C Belcher - SESO

Miss S Neilson - SESO

Mrs S Faragher - SESO

Mrs E Aitkinson - SESO

Mrs A Ritson - Child and Family Support Worker

Mrs N Lewthwaite - School Administrator

Mrs M Roberts - Caretaker

Mrs L Edwards - Cleaning Staff

Mrs G Taylor - Kitchen and Cleaning Staff

Mrs Y Dillon - Lunchtime Ancillary

Miss K Quine - Lunchtime Ancillary

Mrs V Lennox - Lunchtime Ancillary

Mrs C Stevens - Lunchtime Ancillary

Mrs Faragher - Lunchtime Ancillary

Mrs K Clark - Lunchtime Ancillary