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Performance Data 2018-19

Teacher Assessments

Regular assessment of children’s achievement is integral to successful teaching and learning.

The majority of our assessment is continuous and is a key feature of most lessons. This type of assessment is often called teacher assessment. It involves the teachers making judgements about your child’s achievements and this begins from your child’s earliest days in school. Wherever possible, teachers will involve individual children in this assessment. It helps the teacher and child to focus on what the child needs to do next in order to improve, and to celebrate the child’s achievements. Teachers will use the information from teacher assessment to plan the next steps in learning. We also use more formal assessment procedures when appropriate.

Foundation Stage/Reception

In line with Department of Education and Children’s policy, all children in the Foundation Stage will have their achievements recorded using the Foundation Stage Profile. A baseline assessment is made in the first half of the autumn term. Progress against specific outcomes is monitored throughout the Foundation Stage.

At the end of Foundation Stage, 73.7% of children achieved a Good Level of Development (age-related expectations in all prime areas of development and literacy and maths.)

Key Stage 1 & 2 (Years 1 to 6)

From Year 1 upwards, children are assessed through rigorous teacher assessment against National Curriculum Levels. Moderation opportunities exist within our school and the Island to ensure that the levels awarded are consistent between classes and with other schools. These levels are analysed at the end of each term and help us to monitor progress and enable us to set appropriate targets to help move your child’s learning forward.

Reporting of Information

At the end of a child’s year in Year 2 and Year 6, their results in Speaking and Listening, Reading, Writing, Maths and Science are sent to the Department of Education and Children.

This information will be passed to you in your child’s end of year report and for Year 6 children, to the receiving secondary school.

The final results of the Foundation Stage profile for Reception children are also sent to the Department of Education and Children at the end of the year.


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