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Safer Schools App joining instructions for parents/carers & pupils

Victoria Road school is committed to embracing developments and advances in technology and is a forward thinking community realising the potential benefits of emerging technologies. We are committed to the protection of children online and educate our pupils about how to stay safe when using the internet.

This page includes some helpful website links, resources and information regarding e-safety.

Christmas Social Media tips

Victoria Road School e-safety leaflet for parents/carers

E-safety briefing paper for parents December 2018

Smart Toys and Devices:

We thought it would be useful to share some advice about keeping children safe with smart toys and devices. There are more tech toys than ever before, and many of them use bluetooth or wifi to link to apps and the wider internet. Some of these toys will have cameras and microphones recording the environment and the child's play.

The video in this 'Which' Magazine article shows the potential danger to children.

Online Gaming

Online gaming: An introduction for parents and carers

The good online gaming guide for parents

The good gaming guide - parents leaflet

PEGI website - Pan European Game Information - information about game ratings.

A Parents guide to Fortnite - important information for parents about ensuring children's safety if you choose to allow your child to play this game under the recommended age of 12.

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